SmileFast with CEREC

CEREC stands for Ceramic Reconstruction. It is a process where we can restore your tooth with a crown or veneer all in about an hour. The process begins with us taking an Optical Impression of your mouth with a very small camera. This optical impression becomes a 3D model on a computer where we now have a virtual you. Utilizing this virtual impression on the computer, we can design your crown, onlay, bridge or veneer and have it fabricated in the office or sent to the laboratory for fabrication. All electronically. It means that at ChaggerDental, we respect your time and strive to have you avoid subsequent visits to the dental office.

What does CEREC mean to you?
  • It means we can prepare your tooth, create your crown or veneer and have it inserted into your mouth all in about an hour.
  • No need for messy impressions of your mouth
  • No need for a second visit to the office. What a savings of time this is!
  • Avoid possible injections at a second visit