Dental Implants

SmileFast with Dental Implants

Dental Implants are an effective way to replace your teeth. A dental implant is a restorative solution where a titanium root form is placed in the bone to replace a missing tooth. An artificial tooth, which looks just like a natural tooth, is then attached to the artificial tooth form. The key to success for dental treatment is through careful diagnosis. We must assess that we have a sufficient amount of bone for a dental implant.

At ChaggerDental, we assess the total volume of bone and its quality with a dental CT. This dental CT allows us to view and assess the mouth in 3 dimensions whereby we can then accurately determine the quality and quantity of the bone while also assessing the area for other pathologies. For our patient’s convenience, our facility in Oakville is equipped to take a dental CT onsite. A dental CT is an incredible diagnostic aid for implant dentistry and other disciplines of dentistry.

We feel most patients are candidates for dental implant treatment. If there is an insufficient amount of bone for a dental implant, then procedures to grow bone can be rendered! The foundation, being the bone, must be of sufficient volume (or size) for successful treatment. Imagine if one is hanging a large picture frame on their wall in their home. If the stud is not in wood, but in drywall, the picture frame may fall one day. This analogy is a great way to understand why we need to assess the volume of bone for a successful dental implant.

Guided Implant Surgery allows for quicker and extremely accurate implant placement. We are able to accomplish Guided Implant Surgery by integrating a 3D virtual impression with a dental CT. We can take an optical impression of your mouth with CEREC (no messy impressions as it’s all done with a small camera). This 3D image of the mouth is then merged with your 3D dental CT. This then allows for an accurate plan as to where to place the implant and even allows us to place the implant with a surgical guide. Placing dental implants with a surgical guide allows for:
  • 1. Accurate placement of the implant
  • 2. The possibility of placing an implant with just a small tissue punch
  • 3. The possibility of immediately placing a tooth onto the implant, provided we have great immediate stability of the implant
  • 4. Placing an implant in much less time.
  • 5. Gives us the ability to place one to many implants.
  • 6. Sometimes we can do immediate implants where the final tooth is placed on the day the implant is placed. This is something that many doctors call "teeth in a day".
  • 7. By placing multiple implants in a dental arch, one can replace the entire arch with artificial teeth that are anchored to dental implants. This procedure is sometimes referred to as "All on Four" and we feel that if we need to place more dental implants in your arch to increase stability, then we will recommend it.
Utilizing a CEREC and a dental CT, allows us to have you SmileFast with Dental Implants!

SmileFast Individual

Many times one may be missing several teeth or just one. When this situation arises, if possible, we are able to place a single implant for every missing tooth. The implant would become the root form of the new tooth and a beautiful custom crown would be the top part in your mouth. It would appear that you never lost a tooth!

If several teeth are missing, we may be able to create a dental implant permanent solution. We would consider placing dental implants as the root form and use them to join a fixed bridge. In this manner, we would need fewer dental implants to replace many teeth.

SmileFast Complete

If one is missing a complete arch of teeth or all their teeth in the top and bottom of their mouths, then they would be candidates for SmileFast Complete. SmileFast Complete is a solution where we place as many dental implants needed to create a base upon which all of their new custom teeth would be attached to. We have the option to place these new teeth permanently.

Perhaps you have heard of "all on four" or "teeth in a day"? These are terms designed to describe a dental implant tooth replacement solution. At ChaggerDental, we call this SmileFast Complete. We feel that we will place as many dental implants necessary to ensure success and not necessarily stop at 4 dental implants. At times, if you are a candidate, on the day that the dental implants are placed, we may place permanent fixed teeth in your mouth! Imagine leaving the office with permanent teeth in one day!

SmileFast Individual or Complete begins with a consultation. At this consultation we discuss what your individual needs are coupled with an examination. If necessary, we will take necessary radiographs and/or a dental CT and then provide you with a custom treatment plan.